Honour Your Loyal Pet
Through Pet Preservation

We know how important your pet is to you.

The loss of a dearly loved pet is a very difficult experience, that can leave a tremendous hole in your life. Sometimes, the grief can be overwhelming. With the loss comes the decision as to what to do next. Most of the options mean that you will not be able to see your pet again.

But you don’t have to go on without your pet.

Through the use of new techniques in freeze-dry preservation, we now offer a “Loving and Lasting” alternative to burial, cremation, or traditional invasive taxidermy.

Freeze-dry pet preservation preserves your pet with minimal intrusion or alteration to their appearance. This is the best method of preserving animals to maintain their look. The results are truly life like and we work hard to preserve the facial expression of your pet. We work with photos and encourage your input as to how you would like your pet positioned.

Our pet preservation techniques will allow you to gently touch or pat your pet for years to come. This makes remembering your pet easy and honourable as it is like having a three dimensional picture of your pet.

We preserve everything from cats & dogs to birds & lizards, so you can continue living your life with the support of your pet.

Markus Michalowitz has been a preservation professional at Down Under Taxidermy since 1999.  He is a devoted pet owner and an animal lover.

News Link – Daily Mail Article

A New Age in Remembering Your Beloved Animal Friends

By Will Armstrong

Here’s the unfortunate truth about adopting a pet: at some point, after twelve-or-so years of love and care, the playing in the park, watching television, late-night cuddling, and adorable staring contests all come to an end. You have to bid one last farewell to your dear friend.

But what happens after death? All dogs may go to heaven, but how do we, who are left behind, deal with our grief?

Sure, you can have your pet cremated, so that it lives on inside your house. Or, you can bury your pet under a pet-tombstone so you can return to grieve whenever you’re reminded of your loss. But a select group of taxidermists may have found an alternative that allows the memory of your pet to survive in a more tangible way.

Freeze-dried pets—pets posed in a way that best reminds the owner of their old friend—are the cutting edge of pet preservation, allowing your actual pet to live on in a way that’s quintessentially them.

Freeze-drying is superior to conventional taxidermy because it actually preserves the animal itself, rather than skinning it, and shaping the skin over a generic mould. This means that your pet is preserved right down to the shape of its belly. It’s the pet’s muscles, the pet’s teeth, the pet’s claws. As much as possible is kept original, so that the pet is still entirely recognisable.

“I actually had a lady send me a picture,” says Mike McCullough, a world-leader in pet preservation. He'd preserved this lady’s grandfather's dog, and now her grandfather had passed away. “There's this picture of this grandfather and this dog actually in the same casket.”(1)

Actually, this kind of occurrence—thank you letters and/or photos—are common responses to freeze-drying pets. It’s no wonder: the health benefits of a strong attachment to pets are backed by research.

Dr Allen McConnell, psychologist at the Miami University in Ohio explains: “One thing that our research has shown is that when people feel closer to their pets, they derive stronger benefits in terms of mental or physical health.”(1)

According to his research, it doesn’t matter the type of pet—only the level of attachment to that pet. In fact, his research found thinking of your pet can soothe thoughts of loneliness just as well as thinking of your best friend.

And yes, while a  freeze-dried pet may not be for everyone, for those with strong attachments to their beloved pet, it is a great way to continue their memory.


(1) This article is a summary of an insightful article from LiveScience.com, and the quotes are taken directly from there. Check it out for more information about the link between pets and mental and physical health.

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